Questions and answers about sustainability

Gaiazoe.life is the first lifestyle blog / magazine that explores the theme of sustainability to allow people to move in this area and adopt ethical and sustainable behaviors. On this article you will find some questions and answers on the subject of sustainability, the environment and respect for the Planet

How many times do you have questions about sustainability but don’t know who to ask them? Don’t worry: you are in the right place and you are asking to the right blog that is Gaiazoe.life.

Here some Q&A

What is the 2030 agenda?

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is an action program that was signed in 2015 by 193 UN countries and identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals in a program that implies 169 targets or goals to be achieved by 2030. These common objectives concern areas such as the fight against poverty, the elimination of hunger and the fight against climate change, the equal treatment of women in the workplace, the dissemination of schooling in all countries, etc. Common goals mean that all countries and all individuals must commit to that goal.

What is climate change?

It is the climate change brought about by the pollution and excessive exploitation of the Earth’s resources. For this, 10 years remain to be able to maintain temperatures within the threshold of 1.5 °, compared to pre-industrial levels 2050.

How high is the estimated sea level rise if Antarctica melted with all its glaciers?

The sea level in this case would rise by 55 meters.

How many kilos of cereals does it take to produce a kilo of beef?

About 20 kg.

How much waste does an Italian produce on average in a year?

The average production is about half a quintal.

How much CO2 does a high-speed train produce for each passenger during a journey between Milan and Rome?

About 24 kilos

How much CO2 does an Iphone6 ​​produce during its entire life cycle (i.e. from production to disposal)?

About 95


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