Cettina Bucca, the collection that celebrates rebirth

The sicilian fashion designer Cettina Bucca dedicates her latest SS 2021 collection to rebirth and nature

There are two elements that have characterized the style and poetics of Cettina Bucca since its inception, the Sicilian fashion designer who gave life to the homonymous fashion brand entirely made in Italy and sustainable: the sensoriality of the fabrics and their colors.

Cettina transfers all her magical imagery onto them to give life to her vision of the feminine and create a woman who is a cross between a sensual fairy and a female child who plays, archetypes that are perhaps both in her and in her imagination. And even the current collection, ss 2021, does not escape this magical spell that seeks to revitalize the primordial energy of the Earth subjected to all types of aggression by man.

Cettina Bucca: the ss 2021 collection

The current collection is characterized by smaller volumes and less daring plays of colors, but this does not clash with the characteristics of the brand: the fabrics become a stage on which characters of all kinds perform, moving together and experiencing sharing, a human trait that belongs to the designer. The unmistakable fabrics are absolutely natural and selected with an unconditional awareness: from the most refined cottons, to linens, raffia, crisp silks. And they are always produced in the name of sustainability, since Cettina uses only those certified by Seri.co which ensures the quality and the health and safety requirements of the fabric and the production system from which the product is born. Another green feature of Cettina’s fabrics is the use of personalized printing made in total respect, ensuring the absolute absence of substances harmful to health and the environment. Even the cotton used for the t-shirts is certified with the same Seri.co. Furthermore, and last but not least, the use of local sicilian suppliers completes the designer’s choice in terms of environmental but also human sustainability.

(by Viviana Musumeci, founder of Gaiazoe.life, the lifestyle blog dedicated to sustainability)


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