Perhaps not everyone is known the names of Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas, but if I tell you that they are the founders of Caudalie, everything becomes clearer. This couple together with Tristan Lecomte of Pur Project, embark on a new path with the 100% PLASTIC COLLECT project with which they plan to collect and recycle plastic waste in the quantity used to produce their collections. The project in brief 100% Plastic Collect is based in Thailand, a country that ranks 6th in the world for marine pollution. 100% Plastic Collect aims to bridge the gap between companies around the world and local communities in polluted areas to collect waste and turn it into resources.


100% Plastic Collect means collecting plastic and recycling it on site in the form of reusable granules to produce new products in plastic, bricks or urban pavements. A concrete solution, an opportunity to: companies that want to tackle the problem of plastic pollution in the oceans, a recognized threat to the integrity of biodiversity; the local communities of the islands and coastal areas of Thailand, financially supported in the process of collecting and recycling plastic waste. It is since 2006 and since the creation of its Cosmethics charter, that Caudalie has been relentlessly committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products. Every choice within the company starts from the assumption that a CLEAN brand must be “clean” for the skin and green for the planet. For the skin it means not using harmful ingredients (hormonal disruptors or irritants); for the planet it means privileging highly biodegradable ingredients, which do not impact the environment

The sustainable numbers of Caudalie

Caudalie’s commitment in numbers:

  • 600 tons of plastic collected and recycled in 2020
  • 100% of packaging, tubes and bottles will be recyclable, recycled or refillable by 2022 95% to 100% natural ingredients in formulas by 2022 60 substances on the Caudalie black list and banned from their formulas
  • 9 million trees planted with 1% for the Planet by the end of 2021 which potentially equals 4 times the company’s CO2 emissions

Also other brands should follow this sustainable way. Good job, Caudalie!

(by, the sustainable lifestyle blog)


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