Lake pollution in Italy: how is Lake Como doing in 2021?

Lake Como has recently reopened its doors. The large hotels located on the Como coast and in the so-called Larian triangle are sanitizing common areas and rooms, but what about the pollution of Lake Como?

Lake Como has recently reopened its doors. The large hotels located on the Como coast and in the so-called Larian triangle are polishing (and sanitizing) common areas, swimming pools, tennis courts and rooms while waiting for tourism to awaken, from a long sleep also called lockdown from Covid. Many of the large hotels have inaugurated new spaces, they have renovated the existing ones giving themselves a make-up brushing (Villa Lario in Pognana), they invest in communication to reach, above all, the Italian press, but if possible, also the foreign one in an attempt to convey a word to mouth more at hand (for example the Milanese professionals who, having inaugurated the smart working season, can easily move to the lake to work following more human rhythms, as in the case of the Filario Hotel in Lezzeno). The Grand Hotel Tremezzo has inaugurated a new restaurant on the lake level on the beach in front of the hotel: for the occasion, the famous Giacomo has opened the Giacomo al Lago and, as always, a great success is expected for this jewel of a hotel. (by the way: will be celebrated, as every year in July with a big event, the birthday of the Ght? Who will live, will see). Not to mention the small structures that, after having invested a lot of money in recent months in order to make guests’ stay safer, reopen their doors, hoping for a better season than in 2020.

Sustainability on Lake Como rhymes with luxury

However, even on Lake Como, a little at a time, the great names of lake hospitality are equipping themselves with electric charging stations which, with the passage of time, will become more and more active, thanks also to the cultural improvement on this side and it is incomparable that electric mobility is encouraged, also considering the socio-economic level of foreign guests who are particularly demanding and knowledgeable about this. For some years the historic shipyard Ernesto Riva company has been equipping itself with a fleet of boats that maintain their historical prestige, but at the same time are extremely contemporary and equipped with an electric motor: it is no coincidence that the great hotels have equipped with these boats to allow guests to travel green even on the water. Hotels are increasingly becoming spokespersons for this need in practical terms, inviting their guests to reduce waste, but also in gastronomic terms by focusing on zero-kilometer raw materials, possibly of biological or biodynamic origin. Lake Como is not too bathing in some points due to the excessive depth, it remains, however, a tourist resource for each branch and enhancing it also means keeping it clean.

The Goletta dei Laghi 2020 and the year to come (i.e. 2021)

Last year in August, Lega Ambiente released data relating to the monitoring of 28 lake basins collected by the Goletta dei Laghi in 11 Italian regions and also Lake Como appeared among them. In general, it was found that out of 102 samples for microbiological analyzes, 28% of these resulted beyond the legal limits. Furthermore, in general it turned out that many lakes were found to have bacterial levels beyond the legal limits and yet the competent authorities have classified them as suitable for swimming. Also according to the Goletta dei Laghi of last year, Lake Como was polluted as proof of parochialism: in particular some areas were most affected by bacteria and therefore not suitable for swimming.

Crystal clear waters remind us of the importance of the beauty of the waters and their attractive function towards tourists.


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