Re-bello: sustainable materials make the difference in fashion

Re-bello is a brand that distinguish itself for the evident contribution in minimizing the negative impact on the environment thanks to its materials.

Some could be already used and some not, but the materials are the focusing point for a sustainable fashion brand.
Nowadays we are all aware of the importance sustainability is acquiring in fashion and how the leading luxury companies are trying to face this issue.

But what about the smaller unknown brands?

Re-Bello, even if not popolar, is the first Italian sustainable brand which identifies itself using three main words: Sustainable, respectful and innovator.
A brand with the objective of creating a real revolution in fashion, offering products which gives the possibility to save water, reduce waste and preserve the environment.
Re-Bello responds to the problem of water saving using Organic cotton instead of normal cotton.
Organic cotton indeed needs about 1930 less liters of water for each ton that is produced.
It also uses both Bamboo and Eucalyptus not just because they need less water than normal plantations but also for their fast growing and for the high quantity of raw materials they provide.
Bamboo also absorbs about 62 tons of CO2 a year and generates up to 35% more oxygen than other plantations.
In order to reduce waste the brand collects beechwood using a specific method created by Lenzing which allows to obtain a soft and silky fabric from this type of wood , keeping the supply in Europe and providing the recovery of most of the waste.
Then reduces energy consumption, cuts the 30% of CO2 emissions using the PET upcycling without producing any waste or pollution.
Fishing nets, old carpets and nylon waste are also one of the main sources for Re-Bello, which regenerates nylon obtaining a soft and silky nylon fabric.
For wool lovers the section could be between: Upcycled wool, Merino wool and Tirol wool.
The upcycled wool which is highly breathable and usually mixed with 5% cashmere, the Merino one which is used as a protection against the cold in winter and the Tirol one which isn’t usually used in fashion due to its roughness but which the brand uses for puddings thanks to a particular method that makes it softer.
Lastly, to preserve the environment, the brand uses Olivenleder, leather tanned with olive leaves.
Usually the tanning phase is one of the most harmful for the
environment because it uses polluting toxic substances. ReBello instead tans its leather with a natural enzyme extracted
from olive leaves making it softer and biodegradable.
The perfect brand for environmentally friendly people!

(Sofia Meneghetti per*)


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