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Mananalu: when an actor (Jason Momoa) tries to get rid of single use plastic bottles

A famous actor might just be the one person who will actually succeed in having people get rid of single use plastic bottles; Jason Momoa, better known as Aquaman -pretty fitting, b the way- has taken
the matter of saving water under his own control.

The former Game of Thrones star, born in
Hawaii, thought that he would probably be best fit to own a recyclable canned water line and
decided to catch the attention of the public in a very
unorthodox way.
Last year in April, Jason Momoa posted a video in
which he promoted his new line of canned water (Mananalu).
There seems to be nothing particular about that, but
the famous actor decided to shave his iconic beard in
the promo, all for the cause. After doing that, he
started describing the eco-friendly creation of his.
The actor explains why this line has to replace
single use plastic bottles. Four differently
coloured water cans, made of 100% recyclable
aluminium, could be able to help the earth’s
precarious situation.

Matter of fact, these cans
are able to dispose in just 60 days, opposed to
plastic bottles, which take much longer time to
even have the option to be recycled. (Virginia Bartolini Montanari for

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