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Is fashion week sustainable?

In these critical times for our Planet it is high time to start changing and rethink our
lifestyle, for example starting from the fashion week and wondering if it is sustainable.

Sustainability is a big topic, but yet didn’t become a way of living. We, people of
the fashion industry talk about sustainability but what about the rest of the world? Are we
all educated enough to think about the product life cycle when they buy fast fashion?

In 1943, the first-ever “fashion week,” was held in New York. With one main purpose to
give fashion buyers alternatives to French Fashion during World War II, when workers in
the fashion industry were unable to travel to Paris. Nowadays, everybody has the
possibility to travel anywhere at any time. People flying around, shipping from the other
side of the world within days and deliveries from the restaurant on the corner- when did
the world become so lazy and insisting to have the “world” by paying a certain price?

The first Paris fashion week began in 1973. Since then the world has developed and
entered into the digital era in short-time. Roads are now more connected than ever,
governments spent billions of dollars for airplanes so that we could go for lunch to
London and for dinner to Milan, as we do – annually hundreds of people travel from
everywhere in the world to attend Fashion Week. There are 4 main locations where
Fashion Week is annually held: New York, Paris, London and Milan. Fashion Week
became a tradition, an enormous event which gathers and hosts hundreds of people from
the fashion world such as designers, journalists, photographers, investors, influencers.

Vogue Italia’s editor-in-chief asks:

Do we still need fashion? Do
we still need to buy more clothes? Does it still make sense to fly 1,000 people from
one country to another to attend 15 fashion shows? There are a lot of questions out
there and now is the time to start discussing”. As engaged in fashion and working in
the Fashion Industry, we have the responsibility to consider more than just creating a
product for the market and its selling. Designers must start from the point “ Is my
product sustainable enough to be created? and then engage to educate their
consumers for the importance to buy wisely. Emanuele Farneti



After global pollution and sustainability became a big topic in the last years, it is
high time for radical changes to the world we know. As we all know Fast Fashion is
the process led by Catwalk trends, quickly turned in cheap priced and accessible to
public items. This fashion movement became extremely popular in the early 2000’s.
In “The End of the (fashion) World as we know itMaria Suzzarini is commenting on
the current situation: “Don’t blame coronavirus, fashion needed a change a long time
ago. Short trends, AKA fast fashion, and too many seasons a year going on. They also
need a change in material and how much they pay their workers. Fashion needed to
slow down and rethink itself a long time ago.”

Should rental and resale be considered the next “fashion” and supposed to be the
future? Should people end businesses of billion dollars in the sake of our Planet ?
There are many ethical questions that is time for the world to face. (Dimitrina Kircheva)

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