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Luxury Brands Involved in Sustainability

Sustainability has become a frequently used word in everyone’s vocabulary in the past few
years, becoming not only a value but a trend that we hope will last forever. People wake up in
the morning with the natural habit of dressing up for the day. Very few of them having present
the doubt if what they are putting on is affecting today’s sustainability in a good way or not.
Adding to the thoughts that come up in our minds every day and in every situation no matter
how insignificant it seems; are people aware that the world can be better with the simple
decision of buying clothes that won’t hurt the place we live in? Having sustainability as a trend in
today’s fashion can help everyone contribute with the world and all they have to do is be

Today, even the most recognized luxurious brands keep up their 21st century game by adding
up to their values the sustainable factor, although not all of them succeed. Louis Vuitton, being
and example of this, is part of the Better Cotton Initiative , that has the purpose of transforming
cotton production by trying to reduce the environmental impact in production areas. In the other
hand, the brand has no results of making textile waste and potent chemicals disappear in their product’s production.
Many other brands make sustainability part of its main focus, and creating consciousness of this
brands helps people be aware that what they are wearing could be helping.


Stella McCartney

Also known as The Queen of Sustainability as well as a very recognized luxurious brand.
In October 2001 Stella McCartney launched her eponymous fashion label that consisted
in eco-friendly ready-to-wear, men’s, and accessories lines. She has succeeded in
running a high-fashion brand while avoiding at any cost textiles that aren’t positive to the
environment like fur, leather or PVC. McCartney’s values reflect when she separated her
brand from Kering remaining as an influence for environment consciousness for the
company. She says: “Why not just conduct oneself in a way that’s less harmful to the
environment? Then you don’t have to donate money to a cause — you can just be a part
of solving the problem.” Stella McCartney is the example that fashion should be
conscious and everyone should be aware of it.



Ronald van der Kemp is the world’s first sustainable couture label. This brand consists of
styles made with high-end existing materials and leftovers, made by hand in ateliers and
artisans from Holland. This brand holds the mission of showing the world that conscious
fashion can be glamorous to attract costumers as well as the industry of fashion to
change into the green side and take care of the environment.

We are on a mission to reinvent the notion of a couture house for the
future. Creating couture out of the unwanted materials because we
believe that what’s deemed useless today can create beautiful tomorrows.
We capture those discarded fragments and turn them into an ever
evolving wardrobe. Fueling a mindful movement. For the sake of beauty.
For the sake of our planet.


Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman was recognized in 2019 by the recycled fibers company Repreve with its
Leading the Change Award during a New York Fashion Week event. Hoffman has the focus of reducing environmental in her brand with initiatives that include compostable
packaging for e-commerce sales and incorporating recycled or responsibly sourced
fabrics in her production. This fabrics consist on recycled plastic bottles to reduce
greenhouse gases.


Amur was born from the concept that great style does not have to come at the expense
of our environment. AMUR stands for A Mindful Use of Resources. This brand fits into
conscious fashion just like the others with its design process that focuses on fabric made
from materials that won’t hurt the environment. The fabrics used are as luxurious as they
are conscientious with organic and natural textiles or staple fibers like hemp and linen
that require little water and fertilizer to grow. To add up to the fashion conscious, AMUR
also produces with regenerated textiles created from waste materials into fine fabrics.
AMUR also supports work of artisans and empowers the communities involved like India
and Vietnam.

We believe that fashion is a powerful platform for positive global
change—that the way we dress influences the way we live, now and in
the future. Sustainability is a process, and we’re learning by doing.
Knowing it goes beyond the choice of materials, we’re committed to doing
our best, season after season.”

People can contribute in conscious fashion by knowing what big brands are involved in the
sustainability trend and how are they doing it so that day by day the fashion industry can change
into taking care of our planet.(Natalia Madrid Campo)


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