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Brunello Cucinelli spreads letters of hope among Covid-19 crisis

Brunello Cucinelli, “King of Cashmere “ and leader in his market, is known for his
“Humanistic Capitalism” approach to business: his employees are considered
family not just as a communication stunt, but do in fact make 20% more than they
would make anywhere else ; he partakes in several cultural promoting projects
and takes into consideration growth only if it’s healthy for the environment. In the
same way he took care of his employees during the Covid-19 outbreak.

On the 1st February Brunello has posted on Instagram a letter going out for his Chinese employees and friends: “Benevolence breeds Love: Letter to a Chinese friend”
“Today you are special to me because we are concerned about the things that are happening […] I’m sure the solution will be found; I’m sure that soon harmony
will return to calm our thoughts. […] Our everyday life, like that of all humanity,
inspires us to be full of love for Creation, and inspires us all to be full of love for Creation, and in this, precisely in this lies the extraordinary strength that will give life the beauty that each one of us desires.
Let us therefore live and worry in a natural manner, let us not feel alone, let us embrace with all our strength the love for Creation, and Creation will reward us.
With affection,

Which then got followed by “Letter to a Human
being” and “Spring Letter”  in which Cucinelli preaches
about the resilience of humanity and how easily this scary situation can be
handled for the well-being of our dear ones and mankind overall.
“In toda’s suffering there is also the good of thee moral reaction that will make us better, and perhaps tomorrow, when the memory slips along with the suffering, we will come to the same conclusion as Aristotle, who once said that even calamities have a soul and can teach us a wise life.
[…] The grey clouds always move away and let the free sky welcome the
swallows; and you see, we do not know who sends them, but here they are, the swallows have already arrived.”
Last week, after the news of a flat first quarter of sales, Brunello finally treated the topic of economic recession in “A Letter for the New Time

“I know that there will be a new economic growth; I know that enthusiasm will make our hearts soar. But at the end of this all we will be different; we too, like time, will be somehow new. Something has been transformed and it will make us
see things and life in a different, beautiful, enchanted light.
[…]So I would like to say that this is an opportunity that does not concern an
individual man only, but every single man in the world. I would like our eyes, our
hearts, our whole being to be ready to grasp the universal gift that our destiny has prepared for us.
[…]When the end of this eclipse comes, and the sun returns to colour life, then our hearts will be filled with joy; but that will be a moment of utmost caution. If we know how to set the pace, if we continue for a little while to comply with the
tested rules of painful events, if we focus on the language of Creation, we will naturally return to our usual life equipped with some extra values, fascinated by everything that is worthy of being called human”.(Marco Giuliani)


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