The efforts of luxury fashion giants against Covid-19

With the world on the verge of collapse due to Covid-19 luxury fashion
corporations and personalities are more than ever involved
All major luxury fashion houses and corporation have stepped into the battle against Covid-19, by donating funds and supplies to the struggling heath systems all around the globe. Nevertheless the luxury market finds itself in dark times, being confronted by the increasingly real threat of struggling businesses which are attempting to stay afloat.

After the outbreak started in Wuhan, China, LVMH
announced they would donate 2 Million Euros to the Red Cross Society of
China, more so also beginning to convert the production of their
manufacturing facilities into sanitary equipment.
These efforts kicked off the contribution of other companies and designers towards this nob le cause.

Giorgio Armani on the 9th of march
announced he was going to donate 1.250 Million euros to various hospitals in
Milan, Rome as well as the Italian Civil protection, therefore being one of the first to
contribute when it comes to Italy.

Sergio Rossi, a staple in luxury shoes,
donated 100.000 euros to Sacco hospital in Milan. He furthermore decided to
donate 100% of his sales though his e-commerce website staring from the
14th until the 20th of march. Sadly on the 3rd of April the designer and

entrepreneur passed away due to Covid-19.
Donatella Versace and her daughter Allegra Versace on the 14th of march donated 200,000 euros to the intensive care department of San Raffaele in Milan.

The Prada group announced on the 16th of
march they would fund three ICU unitis across different hospitals in Milan.
The group also stated, on the 18th of march, through Business Insider, they would be start producing emergency medical equipment.

Furthermore starting from the 8th of April Marchesi would be handing out traditional easter pastries to hospital patients.
Gucci  decided to donate 2 Million Euros on the
26th of march, spitting the sum, 1 Million will be allocated towards the Italian Civil protection, as for the second part of the donation it will go to the World heath organisation.
Furthermore, being part of the Kering conglomerate, all houses have take part in raising 1 Million USD for the CDC Foundation, to
help hospitals all throughout the USA and Latin America.
On the 1st of April, Capri Holdings announced it too was going to take part in this global effort by donating more than $3 Million collectively.
Micheal Kors, he announced the brand would be
making a $1 million donation and a personal donation of an extra million dollars on a local lever in New York City.
Versace, is donating $500,000,
$400,000 of which to San Raffaele Hospital in Milan and the remaining
$100,000 to Camera Nazionale della Moda for a relief project.
Jimmy Choo, also donating $500,000,
half devolved to the NHS (National heath system) in the UK and the
remaining to the World heath organisation.
These are just some for the dozens of brands and corporations who have
contributed in the massive relief projects being organised all throughout the world, all aiming to make a difference and restore the normality that we all were part of. (Gabriel Farne per


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