Bulgari’s mission to combat Covid-19

In an effort to contain this invisible enemy, Covid-19, Bvlgari is producing hand sanitiser for Italian hospitals.
Despite the efforts Covid-19 is affecting each and everyone’s lives, Bvlgari, being part of the LVMH Group  has taken
part in helping the Italian healthcare system for first aid supplies. This initiative was
instituted initially by Louis Vuitton, which decided to reconvert their perfume productions in
hand sanitiser facilities to help those hospitals which were lacking primary aid in France.
This effort has driven Bvlgari, as one of the leading Italian luxury brands, to proceed in the
same direction, becoming part of a crucial network of supplies destined to the most affected
Italian hospitals who are struggling to cope with the pandemic.

The declaration of the CE

Bvlgari’s chief executive, Jean-Christophe Babin.“Bulgari has always believed in the “intelligent hands” of those craftsmen and women who have made Italy the country of excellence in the luxury
world; combining creativity and quality.
Today more than ever, with the production
of Bulgari hand cleansing gel with sanitiser
in the ICR laboratories, those same hands become “brave” and
make themselves available to doctors, nurses, volunteers. The
“innocent hands” that are on the front lines every day fighting to
save the lives of millions of people,” says Bulgari chief
executive Jean-Christophe Babin.
All of the production will be handled in their Lodi warehouse,
one of Italy’s infamous epicentres for Covid-19, which was
already dedicated to the production of of hotel supplies and perfume manufacturing.

Bvlgari also decided to launch two hashtags on their Instagram (#bvlgarisupportsitaly and
#safehands), to further spread positivity and hope for the millions affected by the compelling
situation that has hit Italy.


This terrible agony is tearing the world apart nonetheless it will also bring us closer tomorrow, once again showing one of humanity’s most positive traits which only appear in
the most desperate of times. (Gabriel Farn per*)

* is the first original lifestyle blog dedicated to sustainability



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